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Nurseries & holiday childcare up to 12 years old in Chester, Oxford, Shrewsbury & Telford

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Shrewsbury, Central Telford & North Telford

Our family runs three nurseries specially designed to provide the very best care and early learning for your child in their formative years.

All children are assigned a key person from our team of professionally qualified staff to help them and track their progress as they grow with Earlyworld.

Ofsted rating of all our Nurseries is 'Good' or 'Outstanding'.


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KIDS CLUBS for 4-12 yr olds

Chester, Oxford, Shrewsbury & Telford

During school holidays and term-time our Kids Clubs provide reliable, professional, out-of-school childcare for your child.

There is a huge range of fun activities to suit all ages and interests, based in our purpose-designed building, and in the school grounds.

Happy hours for children and peace of mind for parents!


Earlyworld Centres are built at Primary Schools, sharing excellent school facilities.

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